Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

FunkiMunki appreciate that team building is essential to help our clients develop their business and also ensure that their colleagues understand the strengths of the people that they work with on a day-to-day basis. Off Limits have designed a range of team building challenges, which are designed to tackle some of the issues in the workplace such as time management, delegation, working as a unit and making the most of your colleague’s individual strengths to gain the best from all essential members of a team.

The key to the success of our challenges is that they are presented in a relaxed environment but with a competitive slant.

  • Solving a range of cryptic clues to find locations
  • Once at the location additional questions will have to be answered
  • Complete a photo assignment
  • Acquire a range of items from a shopping list

The teams will be given the following in order to assist with the completion of the Treasure Hunt -

  • A Local Ordnance Survey Map
  • A Polaroid Camera
  • The Cryptic Clues
  • A Trivia Quiz
  • Proposed Agenda

10:00 am Event Briefing
10:15 am The Treasure Hunt commences
12:15 pm Event concludes with prize giving

2:00 pm Event Briefing
2:15 pm The Treasure Hunt commences
4:15 pm Event concludes with prize giving

A trained First Aid member will be in attendance throughout the event.

The following items are included within the above -

  • A Bottle of Champagne for the Winning Team
  • Pre-event Client Liaison
  • Co-ordination and Management of the Event
  • Writing of the Treasure Hunt at your chosen location

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