The Cardiff experience is one long, unique party – brilliant for stag and hen weekends. Wales is a great place and the Welsh are totally up for a party. Prepare yourself for an amazing event and totally unforgettable time. The city was rejuvenated around the 1999 Rugby world cup and has major sporting venues for cricket, rugby and soccer. With the surrounding valleys there is never a dull moment night or day for any event that is arranged. Year round sports-mad visitors give Cardiff fresh influxes of people who are always up for a drink, laugh and a general good night.

This vibrant city is packed with lively venues and a diverse range of bars that are always friendly and lively – from the traditional local style pubs to the more up class cocktail bars – there’s a venue and event for everyone. Cardiff has its very own local brew – Brains SA – stands for Special Ale but more like Skull Attack the next morning! The Welsh say ‘If all else fails – try Wales!’ Book with us now for the most unforgettable event!

Cardiff Stag Weekends - Cardiff is a top destination for stag parties looking for a superb stag weekend away. Cardiff is a fantastic option for a quality stag party with plenty of things to do from top daytime activities to an amazing nightlife. Your stag night is sure to be a success and one to remember! For stag nights in Cardiff call us NOW on 0845 508 5508