City Guides - Popular UK Destinations

Birmingham: Birmingham offers a mix of mainstream and alternative activities, so it doesn't matter what your stags or hens are into. Bustling with pubs, clubs, shops, cafes and nightlife you’ll have plenty to choose from and places to go. A sprawling metropolis with more canals than Venice, it is also host to the country’s number one lap dancing venues - which is key to the success to every stag night, there are also many strip clubs that specialise in ladies entertainment. It is the second largest city in the U.K and offers a diverse range of activities. It is not as famous for naughty binge drinking antics as some cities but has an exciting and amazing mix of bars, beers and boys and girls! After experiencing the fantastic range of pubs and clubs that are on offer, why not spice up your night with a famous Brummie Balti.

Blackpool: Blackpool definitely rocks! The original stag / hen destination of the UK, Blackpool guarantees a one off experience of wild, reckless pleasure. Blackpool is not host to the most cultural of sities but if it’s a pier, beer and the odd leer you’re after Blackpool is the place for you. Blackpool is known also as the “Las Vegas of the North” this is due to the abundance of slot machines, bingo clubs, cheesy cabaret acts and bars bursting with happy hours and promos. Blackpool can guarantee you a laugh. Tacky-tastic Blackpool is one never ending roller coaster ride after another. Blackpool offers you local fun parks with over 70 different roller coasters on offer at the Pleasure Beach. Don’t delay your trip to Blackpool and miss out on the some good honest laughs.

Bournemouth: Forget past reputations. With seven miles of golden sands and sparkling sea, the vibrant cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth has it all – a buzzing nightlife with endless cool bars, banging nightclubs and trendy restaurants. What more could you ask for? Here you can also enjoy a vast variety of shops, endless countryside offering peace and relaxation and beautiful award-winning gardens and water sports galore. Combine all this with the many activities offered nearby, and Bournemouth becomes one of the most popular up and coming locations for stag and hen parties.

Brighton: FunkiMunki offer events in Brighton that will knock your socks off, we will send all our stags to clubs with 80% women and vice versa! Brighton without a doubt has the best social scene on the South Coast. There are a huge amount of excellent bars and clubs most of them are within walking distance of each other. With a pleasant yet flamboyant atmosphere you are ensured to have an excellent night out.

Bristol: Bristol is where it’s happening. Clubs offering big name DJ’s and resident mixers, those who regularly have special club nights and guest appearances, or those who keep it loud and late for the techno crowd. If you prefer a night with the blues or want to jazz things up a bit there will be listings ideal for you too. There are even a few venues willing to make stars of you for the night if karaoke is your thing! A magnitude of quay side bars, all with a few hundred yards is the perfect place for an almighty pub crawl. Kick your slippers off, throw on your best clobber, pile on the slap or a bit of Armani….Bristol awaits…

Cardiff: The Cardiff experience is one long, unique party – brilliant for stag and hen weekends. Wales is a great place and the Welsh are totally up for a party. Prepare yourself for an amazing event and totally unforgettable time. The city was rejuvenated around the 1999 Rugby world cup and has major sporting venues for cricket, rugby and soccer. With the surrounding valleys there is never a dull moment night or day for any event that is arranged. Year round sports-mad visitors give Cardiff fresh influxes of people who are always up for a drink, laugh and a general good night. This vibrant city is packed with lively venues and a diverse range of bars that are always friendly and lively – from the traditional local style pubs to the more up class cocktail bars – there’s a venue and event for everyone. Cardiff has its very own local brew – Brains SA – stands for Special Ale but more like Skull Attack the next morning! The Welsh say ‘If all else fails – try Wales!’ Book with us now for the most unforgettable event!

Chester: Chester is England’s walled city. It is an experience for any one that wants a traditional but sophisticated event. It has many beautiful sites which are easily found through many of the sightseeing tours offered. If you fancy something a little less remote then why not head to the heart of the city centre for a good old shopping trip in the Forum Shopping Centre. Here you can soak up Chester’s eye for style. For to say that Chester’s male and female inhabitants are reasonably attractive is a laughable understatement. What else would you expect from the home of the stars of Hollyoaks, characters like the McQueen sister’s and co!

Edinburgh: Why not venture up to the high road all the way to bonnie Scotland to celebrate your last night of freedom with a hen or stag weekend in Edinburgh? There is definitely something about wearing a kilt that can make any lady adore you. Obviously if you have chicken wire legs don't bother! Edinburgh has a fantastic mix of cultures, not to mention whiskey blends. Edinburgh has the buzz of the city and the tranquillity of the Lothian’s, providing something for everyone in your hen/stag event. The city has countless pockets of clubs, bars and restaurants, take for example Liquid Room, Bongo Club and Malmaison Brasserie. If your looking for a more sophisticated experience in Scotland then do not worry Funkimunki will arrange the perfect event for your company or party. Scotland boasts some of the most lavish restaurants and wine bars and some of the UK’s most luxurious Spa’s and hotels for a relaxing getaway weekend.

Glasgow: There is more about Glasgow than just Rangers and Celtic – it has an amazing nightlife. The people are open and funny but prepare your self on this stag/hen night you will meet some of the hardest drinkers in the world and are always up for a drinking competition. With cultural icons like Rab C Nesbitt – this is a city that is always up for a beer! Glasgow has over 200 bars and clubs between the West End and the city centre. You’ll have a brilliant night and still have some change left in your pocket at the end of it! There are many events available within and around the surrounding area of Glasgow. Scotland is a fantastic location and great value for money and a brilliant venue for your stag/hen night or weekend.

Leeds: Leeds has been voted the number one city for clubbing and boasts over 25 nightclubs, 75 restaurants and 100 bars. Leeds is the place to be for an adrenaline pumping fun packed weekend. With its massive collection of hedonistic havens, drinking taverns and broad variety of music, you cannot help but have a brilliant time in Leeds. Sprawled across the city is an astonishing nightlife, mainly fuelled by party driven students. Leeds is the perfect place to celebrate any occasion if you want it to go off with a bang.

Liverpool: Liverpool’s vast network of pubs, bars and clubs are an indication of the city’s dedication to drink. There is definitely something in the air, Cream has been dragging dedicated clubbers in for years and is a fantastic array of clubs to satisfy every taste. These people live and breathe to party and more the merrier. Liverpool’s infamous partying culture has a lot to offer and home to many a WAG, it definitely lives up to its reputation. Liverpool is a city with passion for music, sport, life and drinking; you will certainly feel at home in Liverpool on a stag or hen weekend and you might even run into a celeb or two!

London: Everything is possible 24 hrs a day 7 days a week in what has become known as the greatest capital city in the world. London offers a range of events from river boat cruises to the most upmarket nightclubs and restaurants. London offers some of the greatest and most exclusive clubs in the country which are host to some of the most famous DJ’s in the world. You will never be far away from a celeb or two here! London also boasts an unbeatable array of notable attractions, such as the Tower of London and Big Ben (perhaps the most famous clock in human history). Why not choose the greatest capital of them all to create some of the most memorable moments of your life!

Manchester: Manchester is the home of attitude, the ‘swagger,’ music, fashion, clubs and locals. Whether you want to just 'Roll with it' or do some 'Freaky Dancing' this is the place for your event. Manchester also known as the ‘Capital of the north’ boasts diversity and culture in abundance and world famous club scene that is bound to rock any stag/hen or corporate event. With a vibrant party atmosphere and one huge student population, this place never sleeps and neither would you want to!

Newcastle: Wayaaaay! Newcastle is the party capital of the north and will guarantee you a night to remember. With plenty of trendy bars in Quayside or the cosmopolitan Jesmond, Newcastle has it all. An array of fabulous boys and girls in every direction (pick up your jaws!) and this destination is perfect for a time you won’t forget in a hurry. Couple this one of the many activities situated nearby and you’re sure to be a hit for organising a trip here!

Newquay: Newquay is a fantastic location for all events, stag nights, hen nights and everything else that embodies the word party! It is known as “Cornwall’s party capital” the beaches are full and bursting with its friendly, tanned clientele and the bars and clubs are fantastic. The area is full of spectacular views from the beaches to the cliffs. Not forgetting its infamous title as the surfing capital of the UK. So there you have it, sun, sea, sand and a hell of a lot of partying!

Nottingham: Home of the Legendary Robin Hood. Gather your Merry Men (and Merry Girls!) and hustle and bustle your way round the many bars and clubs of the super stylish Lace Market in Nottingham and you will see why this is a very popular destination for your party right in the centre of the Midlands. Fun loving party crowds and friendly bars and clubs will guarantee you the time of your life. Get involved!

Oxford: When a city is built on a reputation of this much history, beauty and academic excellence, you know that the harder the students work the harder they party. Oxford is a superb city littered with restaurants, bars and pubs. Many can be found overlooking one of the many river or streams located around the area. The city itself is quite self contained everything is reachable by foot, but if walking is not your thing then why not try a river cruise. There is a large array of sporting activities located near Oxford, Paintballing, Quad biking and Clay shooting. This is definitely a sophisticated city with a discrete party atmosphere.

Sheffield: Sheffield is known as the city of steel; it is well known for its galleries and seems to offer live music on every corner. . Sheffield is known for its banging club scene, pub, bars and restaurants. Modern & amp; retro shopping establishments are available throughout the area for you girls. Historical gardens are a plenty with many pleasant venues for either a wander or even a peaceful picnic for a chill out! There is a place and atmosphere for everyone in Sheffield what ever might float your boat. So put some steel into your stag/hen night or weekend and bring the gang to Sheffield.

Swansea: Swansea is Wales’s golden coast city, hometown of Catherine Zita Jones and although she doesn't live there anymore there are many beauties to take a fancy to your stag party. This Vibrant City has a lot to offer with a terrific mix of the outstanding natural beauty of the Gower Peninsular and a thriving community with Bars, Clubs, restaurants and more. This City has a youthful feel accommodating a vast number of students; Swansea caters for stags and hens to a high standard. The nightlife is mainly focused around Wind Street, with a variety of bars that cater to all tastes.

York: York is central too much of Britain's history, the Romans and Vikings certainly were attracted to York. The city offers many attractions from river cruises to a lively café bar and restaurant culture. York is a year round destination, vibrant entertainment and festivals are a plenty. There is a great range of shops for the ladies and a boozer on every corner for the lads, especially around the Micklegate district, perfect to keep everyone happy.

City Guides - Popular Destinations Abroad

Algarve: Algarve has everything you could want for your party. You can jet off to this sunny, sandy beach location that has a record amount of sun each year. The area is host to a multitude of popular nightclubs and trendy bars; the area remains bustling and lively throughout the year. It is not all about the bustling nightlife that makes Algarve the perfect destination, it is full of numerous friendly bars and nightclubs that are party friendly and accept hen and stag events. Algarve is host to some of the most amazing golf courses as well as quad biking and paintballing. There is a lot to keep any group entertained.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam has been given the name as being one of Europe's main party cities. The all swinging, dancing party capital comes with a phrase commonly spoken “did-I-just-see-that?”. During the day Amsterdam is packed full of sights and historical sights, but when the sun goes down the city transforms from the clog walking, tulip city to the dark underworld of clubs, fetishes, red light district. The city will amaze you with some of the most random acts in the world. Amsterdam is by far the best location for a stag or hen party, besides Prague, which will offer up a barrel of laughs and some ludicrous situations!

Barcelona: With glorious sandy beaches, stylish people and sunshine most of the year, why do you think that Barcelona is one of the top 3 locations available? Barcelona is also rich with culture and fascinating Gaudi architecture. The night is when the city truly comes alive, after 10pm the streets become teeming with party people all of which head for the late night bars and clubs. As a Hen or Stag party you can chose to keep it casual by skipping the restaurant and head straight to a tapas bar. If you do want a meal in a restaurant you will be spoilt for choice and price, all of which a fraction of English ones. We recommend checking out Las Ramblas, it is one of the most famous boulevards in the world and it's normally always buzzing. Located in this area you will find restaurants along with street entertainment a plenty. Hidden down the side’s streets are the best kept secrets in Barcelona the real bars and better tapas.

Benalmadena: Benalmadena is in the Southern Spain Province of Malaga. It is one of the busiest tourist cities in the Costa Del Sol, with a range of leisure activities available, such as an amusement park, 2 aquariums and one of the largest marinas of Andalusia. Within Benalmadena there are 3 main areas, Benalmadena Pueblo, Benalmadena Costa and Arroyo de la Meil. Benalmedena Costa is where the majority of the nightlife and entertainment resides, with a lot of leisure features for tourists.

Benidorm: Benidorm is a well known party destination. Why not hit it up for your hen or stag party? This is a great city with lots to offer. The strip is legendary, hosting lots of bars, clubs and cabaret acts. But it's not just the brilliant nightlife that attracts people to this city, as Benidorm is on the coast, it has lots of lovely beaches for you to sweat out your hangover in the sun! Being in Benidorm means there will be a lot to keep you and your party entertained, whether its water sports, water parks or a catamaran cruise you're after, Benidorm has it all!

Berlin: Germany’s capital is simply one of Europe’s most diverse stag / hen party cities. Within this city you can say that pretty much anything goes. Berlin is host to the usual adult entertainment with regards to erotic lap dancing and casino’s. Berlin is renowned for its assorted exotic club life, perfect for any stag party. As the capital of Germany it has no restrictions on the licensing hours, any party can find themselves bar & club hopping, enjoying the mixture of entertainments and venues all day and all night. So men put on your Lederhosen and women strap your self’s into a dirndl and hit the town.

Bratislava: Bratislava is one of the newest destinations that are being host to many stag and hen nights. Bratislava is situated, very close to the Austrian border. There are many attractive bars, pubs, and clubs. One of the attractions to this location is the price of alcohol which starts from as little as 50p a pint. There are many locations to grab a tasty cuisine; the hospitable atmosphere is amazing and very welcoming. It is very hard to go wrong with Bratislava for your Party.

Budapest: This stunning City is the perfect place to spend your last few days of freedom, before taking that impending walk down the aisle. The local sites will take your breath away and will be a wicked place to burn the Hungarian candle at both ends. The choice of adrenaline thrills is also plentiful too, whilst, in the evenings, the well-rehearsed combination of hard liquor, the most well known is called Unicum, will complete any night. Why not do something out of the norm and have a thermal bath in one of Budapest’s many bath houses. Here you can have a relaxing experience while soaking up the history of the Hungarian bath houses.

Cork: Cork has a wealth of bars and restaurants. It has a commendable collection of gorgeous Georgian architecture, a thriving student population and top quality excitement on every corner. Cork consists of a strong and vibrant economy, which is focused on cosmopolitan influences and earthy tradition. The locals feel justifiably proud of Cork and love to see visitors which they show them their hospitality. So if you’re looking for somewhere accessible and charming on one side and a good nightlife, restaurants and bars on the other side then Cork is the place to be.

Dublin: Dublin combines nightlife, activities and Irish hospitality to make a fantastic party or holiday destination. The Irish people make your visit very special, being the home of Guinness you can always guarantee a great time. The atmosphere is amazing in all the pubs and bars, happy folk singing can be heard along with clinks of pints glasses. So put on your best green suit and run and find your lucky charms and hit the bars and see what magic can happen.

Ibiza: Mediterranean Sea with golden beaches by day followed the legendary, riotous nightlife makes Ibiza the ideal destination for a stag or hen do. Boasting a perfect cocktail of rugged landscape and striking scenery there is plenty of sightseeing and relaxing to be done away from the Ministry of Sound style madness. The birth place of rave still has many uncovered secrets with half the island covered in unspoilt woodland and idyllic countryside waiting to be explored. The notorious Ibiza sunset is sure set you up for a night of celebrating so whether it’s chilling out at Café Del Mar or rocking out at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel Ibiza is undeniably the place to party!

Krakow: One of Poland’s perfect destinations for stag and hen weekends, Krakow offers a majestic architectural history yet has been pulled into the twentieth first century with its massive student population. With stunning surroundings, Krakow will put you at ease to have a pleasurable day, then will transform at night into the hustling and bustling city nightlife, where you will experience some excellent entertainment from street entertainers and also some of the most elegant strip bars and heaving nightclubs that line the streets of Krakow. You are guaranteed to have a very memorable time in Krakow.

Las Vegas: This is a town that was built on the attractions of stag and hen nights, a town that is open 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Las Vegas is littered with various casinos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lap dancing clubs. A trip to Las Vegas will definitely be one to remember. There is a range of activities which include the Valley of Fire to strip joints for the boys to shopping, pampering and more strip joints for the girls. Las Vegas has everything glamour, dance, glitz and casino’s with one-armed bandits and poker. So grab your chips and try your luck on the tables, you will always be a winner with an event in Las Vegas.

Madrid: Madrid being Spain’s capital is a city of football, fashion and food. This is an ideal situation for any celebrations to take place that would like a little class. Locals still refer to the party places in Spain as “gators” translated means cats on account that the city’s generally prefer to party than sleep. A Madrid event is spectacularly lavish and exciting. Whether you’re sat drinking in Plaza de Santa Ana, tearing at tapas in Cava Baja or feeling your age in an Alonso Martinez disco, the pace, colour and temperature never cease for a second. FunkiMunki can make sure your party will go without a hitch and the locations will be to your tastes and requirements.

Marbella & Puerto Banus: Also known as 'The Way of Life' Marbella is one the most exciting tourist points of Spain. Perfect for the ideal Hen and Stag, whether wild or picturesque. A very popular destination for celebs and those with high wealth. It is also a well known destination for luxury cruise liners and yachts. With stunning areas and with easy access to its surrounding cities Marbella is the perfect location for a pleasurable occassion. Explore the vibrant night life with its heaving streets of clubs and bars the city has to offer and then visit hostoric attractions during the day. A guaranteed memorable event.

Milan: Milan is seen as being one of the capitals of fashion through out the whole world. There are hundreds and hundreds of lounge bars, pubs, cafes, wine cellars, live music bars and a lot more. The Milanese night scene is very wide-ranging and changes continuously, typical of the eclectic city. There are clubs that are themed in hi-tech style, or that are done out with leopard-skin chairs, palm trees and pretend elephants heads. Wine bars with minimal style furnishing and others that make you think you are in a movie, if you go by their music and furnishings. Everything revolves around trends and the highest of all high fashions. The collaboration of atmospheres will suit all tastes. Milan is all about differences, which makes it a great location to spend time in for any occasion.

Munich: Munich has something for everyone it has culture, parks, and architecture and beer gardens. This multinational destination, has nightlife oozing from every where and greatly in abundance, this will keep any party amused into the early hours. You have a range of clubs, bars, casinos and live music to choose from. There is a range of destinations to eat out, many of which are open to the early hours of the morning. There is a range of food to satisfy any appetite. Munich has the fun and carefree atmosphere for a party yet offers a sophisticated charm to set the mood for sightseeing and a relaxing city break.

New York: It’s one of the most famous cities in the world; the Big Apple as most call it is the home to the dream. In the city that never sleeps, you will be endlessly surprised and never bored and will have one of the most amazing experiences of your life. The sights are a must and historic, no visit would be complete without a trip to see the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and Empire State Building all of which has appeared endlessly on the big screen. There’s an amazing array of shopping malls and shops available for the most varied of tastes. The nightlife is as rich in its diversity as it is in its sophistication. FunkiMunki can arrange entry to the fun parks, activities and exclusive entry to all the top night clubs and restaurants. Become a star and spend a event in New York where every detail will be catered for you.

Paris: Paris nightlife has a range of themes from disco to drag to exotic. But Paris would not be Paris if it did not have its extravagant Cabaret shows, red light area and the most famous show of them all – the Moulin Rouge. There is a whole host of late night bars and clubs. For the perfect stag night the bar hopping has to start at Etoiles Manquantes in the Marais as a starting point. If you have a taste for the French students then the Latin Quarter is the next stop with cheap drinks, you’ll find plenty of hard thumping drinking holes. Third stop of the crawl would take you to the more trendy area known as Ménilmontant, with its eclectic nightlife.

Prague: There is nothing quite as good as a stag / hen night in Prague. The splendour and architectural style, coupled with a wickedly hidden saucy underbelly that no other eastern European location can rival in any way, this city has mind-boggling possibilities for all groups, and be it stags, hens or the bingo club. Its women are very sexy, its buildings and bridges are just as sexy and proof that there is creative genius in the area. Prague is plastered with open all hour’s nightclubs, bars and strip joints. All the venues are very atmospheric, lively and exciting. Simply put “the perfect location for any party event“. Sound good? Well we have only scratched the surface of the possibilities in Prague!

Riga: Spend what time you have in the city that never sleeps. Riga has a combination of Eastern European traditions and history and Western modernity, which makes it have a thriving around the clock social scene. Due to Latvia’s snowy winters Riga is the ideal place for a high adrenaline rush activity or an ideal place to visit one of the many fashionable bars. What ever your favour of fun is Riga can offer it to you.

Rome: Rome is the city of beauty, beautiful architecture, beautiful weather and beautiful people. Rome offers everything for stag and hen parties. The real party starts at night in the Italian capital, the medieval section of Rome known as Trastevere. The narrow alleys are lined with bustling bars and restaurants plus the odd random late night general store. Next stop would take you to the throbbing Campo di Fiori this is where thousands of students and general partygoers swarm together, dancing the night away in the open air until the small hours of the morning. Rome is an elegant city to be apart of and is an ever growing popular destination for tourists all over the globe. Why don’t you be apart of the new and old excitement of Rome.

Tallinn: Tallinn is a medieval city, which is strangely shaped like a rugby ball. Tallinn is host to the largest population of students in the whole of Europe, you can feel the youthful energy emanating from the atmosphere it makes it hard not to get caught up in the energy and combining it with your stag or hen night. Tallinn has a stream of restaurants, bars all condensed into a 1 and a half mile area. The area is up market enough to have Strip clubs also many varieties of pubs and bars, even Irish pubs.

Valencia: The third largest city in Spain is not going to disappoint. Valencia is a cosmopolitan city near the Medditeranian Sea yet it’s bursting with cultural sights and modern architecture making it the ideal place for those looking for a city and beach combo. Paella, salsa and all things Spanish are a plenty followed by partying until dawn in contemporary bars and clubs every night of the week! Being stylish and sexy this city offers the perfect destination for those wanting variety with a party atmosphere!

Vilnius: Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is a very humble place to be. It has a great earthy feel to it compared to some of the other cities such as, Riga and Tallinn. Many people fall madly in love with the Baltic city, naming it their favourite of them all. There’s no doubt that you yourself will fall head over heels for this location. Vilnius is a charming hidden city yet still offers modern conveniences and local entertainment. Don’t worry about not having a good time in Vilnius as you can party all night and then relax all day. You won’t be disappointed with the city’s ever growing developments. This city is the best and most charming well kept secret in Eastern Europe.

Warsaw: Are you an open minded, enthusiastic, go getter? Then Warsaw is the place to be. With its intriguing underground venues and the finest nightclubs, that would test even the most dedicated party goer, Warsaw will make sure that you party all night with the latest tunes and the most interesting of fellow party goers. Once you have recovered from the non stop party you could take in Warsaw’s amazing historical surroundings. With churches and palaces forming its sublime backdrop you will be taken a back by the contrast that the modern city life provides. Whatever your reason for visiting the city of Warsaw you will not be disappointed. An excellent nightlife, stunning scenery and a modern yet charming twist to the atmosphere will all add up to a grade A stay in Warsaw.

Wroclaw: Wroclaw is now back under the control of Poland and is on its way to becoming a great location for any sort of event. Due to the large student population, the old bars and pubs have been transformed into a party centre. The Old Market Square that is situated along the River Odra’s is the location to go for endless bars, clubs and the party crowds. The area is littered with smart hotels and restaurants that can cater for all your needs. FunkiMunki can insure that any event that is arranged will be one that you will never forget. After one visit to Wroclaw you will realise why it took Germany so long to give Poland control back to this city.