The Great Escape

The Great Escape

An opportunity for your guests to retrace the steps of Steve McQueen in the film The Great Escape.

Can you solve the challenges that lay ahead?

Completion of the tasks will help facilitate your escape from the enemy!

We will provide a range of challenges that combined with the setting provided by Venues Unlimited will set the scene for the day ahead. The disciplines involved in the afternoon’s events will differ from challenge to challenge and require a range of skills to complete ensuring that all members of the team are involved throughout.

The event could start with our Officers giving the guests a load awakening and hand them their attire for the day – 1940′s army costumes (provided by another company). Guests will have ten minutes to get dressed and arrive at a set location for kit inspection by the Sergeant. Teams will be penalized for late arrival and incorrect attire. There may even be penalties such as press ups in front of there colleagues.

Once kit inspection is complete the guests will each be assigned with an officer and will have to jog whilst chanting there team song to the next location.

The teams will be kept busy at all times and will be encouraged to participate at all points – no time for standing around!

On arrival at the location challenges will be set and the guests must complete the challenges to accrue additional points and avoid further penalties. In addition random tasks may be given to the teams through the day without notice.

The Reckoning

When the guests have completed all challenges they will be summoned to a central point where the scores will be announced for the challenges completed so far. Each team will then be placed according to their success. The higher the score the more detailed the clues they will be given to actually go for that final escape – can you beat the guards and get there first!

The actual winning team will be the team who have managed to solve the final clues and escape without been caught by the guards. Tension right to the end!

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