Sweet Success

Sweet Success

The sweet success challenge is a favourite with everyone. The objective is for teams to build a box of original chocolates within a limited time scale and budget. They must also create the packaging and design a marketing strategy to sell their chocolate sensation.

The Objectives -

  • To Stimulate Creativity And Thinking
  • To Encourage More Ideas, Adaptations And Innovations
  • To Break Down Facades
  • To Demonstrate The Value Of Group Effort
  • Budgetary Control
  • To Have Fun As A Team And Eat Chocolate!

The Brief

Teams need to plan their time carefully and watch their budget to ensure they can meet the requirements to:

  • Create and make a selection of chocolates.
  • Design a marketing strategy to take into account the sector, pricing, promotion, profit and brand.
  • Present ideas to the judges.
  • Create an advert to promote the chocolates.

The Result

The end product will be scored on quality, profitability, originality, teamwork, variety and effectiveness of the marketing plan. Presentations at the end of the session prove to be a hilarious and great end to a perfect team challenge!

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