Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derby

Re-live the days of thunder as you power your way to pole position for a place on the podium. Hand brake turns and total burn-out’s are unlikely to happen in these hand built rugged roadsters, but the ability to build a ‘Porsche eater’ from a plank and four pram wheels might just give you the edge.

Spanners, Screws, Wheels and Deals!

‘The Soap Box Derby’ is a fantastic, fun filled indoor event. Designed to get teams working together and thinking through a project. Involving elements of design flair, innovation, creativity, money management and ‘driving’ skill – all your guests will find an area to excel in!

From an initial budget, teams decide how much to spend on creating their own team kit car and which type of parts they want to buy. Decisions must be made as to the method of propulsion, power, wheels, frame and accessories! Each team then builds a human powered vehicle from the parts they have chosen.

However, don’t be too hasty with your cash, money management could still earn you first place. Once you have created your ultimate dream machine, your vehicle must pass its MoT before team members compete in various races to test their driving skills!

The Soap Box Derby is based around construction and simple mechanics. It is an inter team competition comprising design, engineering skill and cutting out coloured paper! Using very simple construction techniques the teams require no automotive or engineering skills.


Once your crazy creation has been built and customised to your liking, its time to test your vehicle where it really matters – in the Soap Box Derby Team Trials! Your team will compete against the other vehicles in a series of four craftily wrought tests, each involving a different set of skills -

Traffic Light Burn Off - Raw power and speed will win the day here!

Parallel Park – Not the most popular of manoeuvres!

Hill Climb – Not Mount Everest but no bump in the road either!

Speed Slalom – A true test of manoeuvrability and steering!

Cash will be awarded to the winners and runners up in each of these trials, prizes will also be awarded for the most aesthetically pleasing of the vehicles – personalised plates and go faster stripes earn extra rewards! At the end of the building and racing, the team with the biggest pot of cash are the winners!

The activity includes -

  • Bolt Together Precision Machines In A Variety Of Driving and Steering Combinations
  • Best Dressed Vehicle Competition
  • Individual Driving Competitions Including Skill And Speed Events
  • Basic Tools
  • Simple To Follow Instruction ‘Manuals’
  • Fun Money
  • Body Styling Kits
  • MOT Garage And Certificates
  • Parts Shop
  • Mechanics And Event Manager

No grease or oil is used, elbow grease is reduced to a minimum!

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