Rhythm Factory

Rhythm Factory

From the first seconds of our surprise introduction, to the amazing power of every guest playing in our Rhythm Factory, you will never look at your colleagues in the same light again.

The FunkiMunki team burst in, interrupting the speaker, playing high-energy exciting rhythms – a hint of what your colleagues will sound like by the end!

Then, without any warning, the Drum Master will get everyone sectioned off and clapping along with different rhythms, a fast impact and exciting way of involving everyone from the word go!

Within minutes, your guests will be holding an array of brightly coloured global drums to include -

  • The Pounding Surdo’s Of Brazil
  • Exotic Klong Yaw’s From Thailand
  • Doumbeks From Ancient Egypt
  • Bright Coloured Frames Drums From Europe
  • Ashiko’s From The Jungles Of Africa

Our Drum Masters will have everyone playing together as a powerful Samba Band and learning the basic hand signals, skills and rhythms needed to build to our powerful finale at the end of the session (Always disguised as outrageous fun!)

Our facilitators will have your group exhilarated, and playing cohesively together, reacting and communicating as a unit.

We will send you on a vibrant sound adventure that will build in pace and intensity until the explosive finale.

The group will also be divided into smaller sections where our facilitators will then teach them their own signature rhythm, in preparation of the powerful finale.

We layer these rhythms on top of each other, to create the ‘Rhythm Factory’

There is an option for competition at this stage where the battle of the teams go head to head to see how well they perform their individual rhythms.

Delegates will be encouraged to get up and conduct the group or to solo on the Mighty Tribal NGOMA DRUM, all to the support of their colleagues pulsing rhythm!!

All that is left to do is breakout the Rhythm Samba whistles, up the tempo and lead the entire group in their very own hair raising finale.

Without realizing, they will be reacting on many new levels, supporting each other and having fantastic fun as our Drum Master takes them on a rhythmical journey that they will never forget!

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