Pop Music Promo

Pop Music Promo

Gone are the days when a pop group just had to spend time in the recording studio and produce lyrics and tunes that would capture the hearts of millions when they received airplay on Radio One.

Thanks to ‘Technology’ and ‘Adam and the Ants’ (the band who started the music video revolution) artistes now have to produce there own movie to accompany the song to increase the chances of their musical creations getting mass exposure on the big screen.

We have all seen the amazing choreography, the storylines that seem to have no relevance to the songs and the wonderful costumes that are created.

FunkiMuni will now task the teams with recreating a Music Video, however, the main focus is on the actual production. Guests will be pleased to know that in true pop star style they will simply be lip synching to the song – so singing ability is not essential.

Using all the props and equipment provided by FunkiMunki the teams must recreate the costumes and choreography from a music video pre-determined by us (although we will let the client have some say!).

Initially the team will be handed a copy of the video they have to recreate and can study and make notes on what they have seen. They must then assign the Lead Singer, Props department, Choreographer, Cameraman and a Musical Director.

A Choreographer will be on hand to give advice and tips on the dance routines but we do encourage guests to be as creative as possible to produce their own final interpretation of the original.

The whole scene will be recorded by the team and played back at the end of the event to our panel of judges and points awarded for their creativity and ability to complete the exercise within the allotted time.

Pop Music Promo is an ideal Team Building Event as it uses the medium of music (everybody likes music although musical tastes differ) to bring teams together to be creative, use effective time management and work as a unit to complete an exercise which is focused around creativity and fun.

An event that is guaranteed to take guests out of their comfort zones without even realising it! An event which has an end product to show the effectiveness of the team’s contribution!

Music Videos can be selected from a range of productions that Off Limits have selected specifically for this task.

Some examples are -

  • Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller
  • Kylie Minogue – Slow
  • Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love
  • Billy Joel – Uptown Town

FunkiMunki will provide all the audio visual equipment, props and costumes to ensure that the teams have all they need to produce their own music video masterpiece.

Flare will provide the cast and crew who will appear in the final production – lets see who the stars within the group really are?

Your group will be divided into teams and each team will be given a different music video to create. Once they have had their initial briefing then the rest is down to them.

At the conclusion of the event the final production will shown for all to see. The final results will be judged by the Off Limits official judges and awarded with their very own framed ‘Gold Disc’.

Pop Music Promo Photo Gallery.

Alternatively the videos can form part of the evening’s entertainment.

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