Have We Got News For You

Have We Got News For You

An opportunity for your guests to experience all the fast action of the newsroom, however, this time it is their turn to write, direct, record and star in their very own broadcast. If we didn’t believe everything that we read in the press before we will now.

FunkiMunki will provide all the audio visual equipment, props and costumes to ensure that the teams have all they need to produce their own original piece of news making history.

All you have to do is provide the cast and crew who will appear in the final production – lets see who the stars within the group really are?

Your group will be divided into teams and will be given three headlines and a commercial as their assignment for the afternoon. Once they have their initial briefing instructions then the rest is down to them. This will indeed be a race against time with the actual broadcast deadline set for the end of the event.

We can include one topic, which is related to a company message or conference theme. This we believe provides the perfect platform for ensuring that all guests are aware and understand points discussed at the conference.

At the conclusion of the event the final broadcast will be shown for all to see. The final results will be judged by the FunkiMunki official judges and awarded with their very own Oscar.

Alternatively the videos can form part of the evening’s entertainment.

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