Boogie Dayz

Boogie Dayz

FunkiMunki will provide a team building event with a difference! Take your guests out of their comfort zone and ensure that they have immense fun which is disguised as a team building event.

The event will incorporate range of music and dancing related activities which will be provided as team building exercises. Your guests will be divided into teams and each team will be given a particular music related challenge to complete through the afternoon. Each team will have ninety minutes to perfect the team task that they have been assigned. Off Limits events personnel will be on hand to assist the guests in the challenges ahead.

The event will be concluded as Evening Entertainment where each team will be asked to perform the new talent that they have acquired through the afternoon on stage in front of an audience. A guaranteed way to entertain all guests and have them rolling in the isles.

All performances will be judged by the FunkiMunki events teams and the winning team will be asked to do a final performance. A loud applause from the audience will be heard and the performance begins.

The tasks that will be set for the teams will consist of the following -

Corporate Band Building – The ultimate musical challenge to ensure that all guests communicate effectively in order to create their own music! Using musical instruments provided by FunkiMunki and the creative flair of our – would be? could be? Or might have been? Musicians we challenge your colleagues to work in harmony.

After the initial briefing your group will be given all the tools they need to make sweet music. The music instructor from FunkiMunki will suggest the tunes to play but the team do have their own creative right to arrange their own unique piece of musical history.

Salsa Sensation - Your guests will be taught the basic steps by our world renowned Salsa teacher. Then they will work with them to create their very own dance routine to a piece of Latin music that has been selected by us. All guests in the team must be involved in this event when the final performance takes place.

Dancing Simulator – Dance to the beat! A test of your skill and coordination, a head to head competition of dance moves where everyone is given the opportunity to win points for the team. This enduring activity is survival of the fittest and will prove who has rhythm and who doesn’t!

Two arcade style dance mats are provided with the dance steps projected onto a screen with the tunes playing through a PA system.

Rap Attack – Working with our very own Rap artist your guests will have to write and perform their very own company rap which will be performed to a piece of rap music provided by Off Limits.

Break Dance Experience – After an initial performance by our break dance expert that will have you’re the team lost for words it is then there turn. They will be taught a simple dance routine which they must perfect and then they can add different moves to ensure that they have an original routine.

Line Dancing – Team members will be taught the basic steps by our own Line Dancing teacher. They will Doh-se-doh their partners and clap their hands to a piece of Western music that has been selected by us. All team members will then line up, hats and neckerchiefs ready, to perform at the end of the day.

Belly Dancing – Our very own professional belly dancer will teach you the techniques of this wonderful Middle Eastern dance. By the end of the workshop, you will have learned an entire dance sequence that will be performed all together – belly chains and bells included (for the men as well!).

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