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Action Weekend

Accommodation – 2 nights

The hotel offers a contemporary style and facilities & services to meet the needs of today’s business and leisure guests. A good choice whatever your reason for visiting Manchester! There is an inviting bar and lounge area on site and parking is available.

4×4 Off-Road Driving

Go where no poxy hatchback car would ever dare venture and watch the mud and dirt fly behind the wheel of a rugged 4X4 Land Rover. A qualified instructor will accompany the team as they each get a turn to give any carsick passengers a chance to regurgitate their previous meal. Full UK driving licence required.

Quad Safari

A number of fully automatic quad bikes will take you through some of the stunning scenery and challenging terrain at this excellent site. There are literally miles and miles of track for you to explore, and you will traverse through wooded forests, through water and bowl up and down a series of steep inclines and slopes. The difficulty of the course can be tailored to suit the experience of the riders, whether they be expert or novice. Minimum age 12 years.


Load-up one of the Petron bows and take aim at the competition-sized circular targets with this surprisingly difficult sport. Participants will soon realize that an ultra-steady hand and a lot of skill is required to even hit the target – something the lads might consider having a sneaky wager on. And don’t think the Stag gets away scot free – an apple will be placed on top of his head, and the Best Man might just be expected to shoot it off…

Club Entry

Free VIP guest list for bars and clubs on Saturday night in the city centre.
Price £130.00 per person

(Price subject to availability)

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