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Hens Behaving Badly- New Channel 5 Programme

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Reality TV completely saturates our screens on a daily basis, with new concepts constantly being thought up and put out there for our viewing pleasure.
The latest offering of true to life television is Hens Behaving Badly, a documentary that explores the multimillion dollar industry of hen parties in the UK.

Hen parties are quickly growing as a part of the wedding that can sometimes be more lavish than the wedding breakfast itself; with gaggles of girls all congregating to go out, have fun and let loose from the rat race of the working week.
Rather concentrating on the stereotypical as opposed to the ‘different’ hen parties that many women look for in this day and age, a lot of the shenanigans are centred on ladies celebrating their friends last day of freedom with a good old drink.
Those of you out there who aren’t looking for a hen party that consists of the blow up willies, ‘L’ plates, penis straws and an explosion of pink in every form need not tune in, this won’t be what you are looking for.
However, if you are into letting loose for one night of cheesy fun with your friends, this programme is all you are looking for and more.
One of the nicest parts of the show is seeing the relationship that a lot of these women have with each other; the lengths that friends go to create a night that their bride to be friend will remember is quite touching.
Yes, there is a little bit of drama along the way, mainly down to people having one too many, but in the long run all turns out for the best, with the girls eventually getting back together and enjoying themselves, surrounded by sexual paraphernalia, naturally.
Whilst the show may have you cringing in places, namely when too much alcohol has been consumed, all ladies out there will laugh along, relate and should view it in the way it deserves to be viewed; as a bit of easy watching on a Friday night, to start your weekend off with a bit of a giggle.

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