The Stag Do Mini Guide Part 1

As Best Man, you have the honourable and slightly daunting task of organising the Stag Do. How do you go about arranging a Stag Do that will be talked of in years to come? Introducing the Stag Do Mini Guide Part 1.

If Stag Dos came with a how-to manual, we’d like to think the Stag Do Mini Guide Part 1 & 2 would be it.…

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How to invite the right people to your Hen Party


Arranging a hen party consists of careful planning and well thought out preparation. Most people will spend more time thinking about the right guests to be invited. The following is a list of handy hints when choosing who to invite to your hen party:

1) Talk to the bride. What does she want?…

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Tips for choosing your Best Man

Most men think they will never get married, but when it actually happens, the best man will play a crucial part in making your wedding a success. They will be your wingman, support and the one who will help you make sure everything goes smoothly.

It is most likely that you will choose your brother or best friend to be your best man, and there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when picking the lucky guy.…

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Tips for choosing your Bridesmaids



When it comes to choosing the bridesmaids for your big day, it can become a little problematic. Tradition stipulates that the couple usually chooses bridesmaids from both sides of the family; however it is important that you go with people you really want. Bridesmaids really do play an integral part in your wedding.…

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Top pranks to make the groom crazy for the Stag Do

A mans stag do tends to be a wild affair consisting of a group of men becoming almost animalistic and going wild for one last night of so called ‘freedom’.

In todays day and age stags are always thinking of innovative and quirky ideas to make their night as memorable as possible.…

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